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LOOMIS PRODUCTS provides the following services to our customers:


Backed by a team of highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineering professionals, LOOMIS PRODUCTS provides an innovative and cost-effective solution to meet our customers' production requirements. Some of our engineering / consulting capabilities include:

  • Complete turn-key solutions - from concept to fabrication and installation

  • Consulting and technology transfer for complex parts manufacture

  • Process planning

  • Materials consulting and specification

  • Evaluation/Development testing on our Laboratory Presses

  • Complete plant layout designs


LOOMIS PRODUCTS has been designing & building isostatic presses and piston extruders for decades, and that includes the tooling that goes with them. To say we have extensive experience in tool design is an understatement! ...let us put our expertise to work for you.

  • Extruding Dies

  • Polyurethane Tooling for Wet and Dry Bag Isostatic Press

  • Replacement Polyurethane Tooling


LOOMIS PRODUCTS offers small scale production on our Laboratory Isostatic Press and Piston Extruder. Limited runs can be used for

  • Pilot Runs

  • Material Testing

  • Tooling Development

  • Process Analysis



  • Site survey - assessment of location requirements

  • Coordinate Transport & Handling logistics

  • On-site supervision during move-in

  • Final Electrical, Mechanical, and Hydraulic connections

  • Startup & trouble-shooting

  • Final acceptance & Customer sign off

On-Site Training

  • General Safety Instructions & Precautions

  • Startup - overview of machine operations & functionality

  • Description of Electrical, Mechanical & Hydraulic controls

  • Outline trouble-shooting & maintenance procedures

  • Operation Manual overview

  • Final review & Customer sign off


On-Line / Telephone Support
Within the warranty period, LOOMIS PRODUCTS offers free online/telephone support for minor technical issues. Typically, problems can be diagnosed and resolved without an on-site service call. In many cases, LOOMIS PRODUCTS has been able to provide same-day response and resolution to various customer issues (depending on the nature and severity of the problem). For out of warranty support and service, LOOMIS PRODUCTS offers scheduled maintenance programs for our customers. 

On-Site Service
In severe cases, LOOMIS PRODUCTS has the capability to provide on-site service within 24 to 48 hours to any customer around the world. When these situations occur, we ensure that our customers get the best possible response time to minimize costly downtime. 


The complexity and expense of modern machinery dictate the use of testing procedures that ensure long life as well as maximum reliability.

  • Non Destructive Examination (NDE) is used in equipment maintenance programs to avoid loss of 
    the property, person, and profitability.

  • The procedure is a means of locating and determining the severity of discontinuities (flaws) that may
    occur in a part.

  • All LOOMIS PRODUCTS pressure vessels are tested to ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) or 
    PED (Pressure Equipment Directive - Europe) Codes at our manufacturing facility before
    commissioning and shipment.

  • Pressure vessels can also be tested and approved to GOSH Codes (Russia) or through TUV (Asia)

  • LOOMIS PRODUCTS recommends that all pressure vessels be inspected annually for cracks and other possible discontinuities.

  • Many international codes and insurance companies require annual testing.

Our NDE testing staff is certified to SNT-TC-1A, CP-189, and MIL-STD-410 requirements. 

Customers will receive the following on completion of NDE:

  • Pressure Vessel General Information Report

  • Non Destructive Examination Report

  • Conclusions & Recommendations documentation

  • Sketches, Photos, and/or other attachments (where required)


  • LOOMIS PRODUCTS offers Scheduled Maintenance Programs (SMP) to our Customers to ensure greater longevity of their machines, as well as minimize possible downtime.

  • SMPs are tailored to each Customer’s individual requirements and machine specifications so as to provide the best possible protection.

  • Our Service Technicians perform extensive visual and physical inspections to ensure that the Customer’s equipment is operating at optimum levels.

  • For Isostatic Presses, Loomis SMPs include NDE (Non Destructive Examination) of pressure vessels to ensure continued safe operation of our equipment.

  • As part of a preventative maintenance regimen, we replace components that are typically prone to normal wear & tear; maintain optimum performance and drastically reduce potential downtime.


LOOMIS PRODUCTS includes a Spare Parts List as part of the Operators Manual that is provided with every machine we build. Our recommended Spare Parts List covers critical components that we believe should be kept on hand (at the Customer’s facility) to service equipment quicker and minimize downtime. 

While LOOMIS PRODUCTS does inventory many common parts, it is imperative that Customers follow the recommendations contained within the manual. 

Spare parts available from LOOMIS PRODUCTS include high-pressure components, hydraulic fittings, hoses, and electrical well as replacement Polyurethane Tooling. 


It is not uncommon for us to learn of LOOMIS PRODUCTS equipment that is still in operation after decades of service. For many production facilities, reconditioning of an older press can be an attractive and cost-effective method to extend the life of their machine. 

Your older press may still be suitable for your current production needs (but perhaps just needs upgrading), LOOMIS PRODUCTS can inspect and quote the full reconditioning of the press to optimize your manufacturing capabilities. 

There may be situations where an older piece of equipment just cannot be upgraded economically to meet your requirements (insufficient control, hydraulic, or mechanical functionality); an upgrade to a new press may be required. 

LOOMIS PRODUCTS is always willing to accept one of its older presses as a trade-in towards a new press. 

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