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Specialized Custom Machinery

LOOMIS PRODUCTS provides innovative and cost-effective pressing solutions for the powdered Ceramics, Metals, Plastics, and Composites Industry. We have over 60 years of experience in the Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing of Isostatic Presses (Wet & Dry Bag), Extruders, and Laboratory Equipment. We also design and manufacture Cutting & Handling systems, as well as a variety of proprietary Hydraulic & Pneumatic components.

Backed by a team of highly skilled Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic Engineering professionals, LOOMIS PRODUCTS is able to satisfy the production needs of our Customers. Our Engineering department incorporates the newest aspects of Design and R&D to develop machine and equipment concepts to the most stringent specifications.

LOOMIS PRODUCTS can offer complete turn-key solutions; from concept to installation and final acceptance. Our Production capabilities, both in the U.S. and Germany, are characterized by extensive knowledge and expertise in fabrication, assembly, and quality control. This provides our solid foundation in the manufacturing of innovative industrial equipment for the powdered material industry.

Loomis Products has been manufacturing since 1917

  • 1917  David Loomis founded LOOMIS PRODUCTS Company.

  • 1917  LOOMIS PRODUCTS started with the production of the laboratory platen presses.

  • 1938  Spark plug press - isostatic dry bag.

  • 1951  First single tilt ram (piston) extruder.

  • 1954  First patent for single tilt ram (piston) extruder.

  • 1960  First automatic dry bag isostatic press, the LOOMIS PRODUCTS "Isomatic®" (Isomatic is a registered trademark)

  • 1962  First controlled decompression valve

  • 1962  First 20.000 psi pressure relief valve

  • 1962  First carousel type dry bag press, allowing the automatic production of several parts; different in shape, size, and material composition.

  • 1965  Patent for the isostatic dry bag press

  • 1965  LOOMIS PRODUCTS "Isomatic®" dry bag press - 20" working ID x 60" Working length. Included the LOOMIS PRODUCTS decompression valve.

  • 1966  Largest wet bag Isostatic press of its time

  • 1966  First isostatic press with a high-low pressure system, designed for the safety of the machine operators.

  • 1970  Karl Kahlefeld acquired LOOMIS PRODUCTS and relocated operations to its present location in Levittown, PA. Mr. Kahlefeld is the President / CEO of LOOMIS PRODUCTS (USA)

  • 1972  First double tilting ram (piston)extruder built.

  • 1972  LOOMIS PRODUCTS was responsible for the design and manufacture of the first production equipment to extrude the honeycomb substrate for the automotive catalytic converter. Today LOOMIS PRODUCTS is still the only qualified company to supply equipment for this industry.

  • 1975  Patent for the double tilt ram (piston) extruder.

  • 1985  First isostatic dry bag press with a triple filling of material. Meaning three different materials were filled into the same mold. This machine is used in the refractory industry to produce, for example, Full entry nozzles with Magnesium Oxide inlets and Zirconium Oxide collars.

  • 1990  Karl Kahlefeld founded LOOMIS PRODUCTS Kahlefeld GmbH, in Germany to supply the European market.

  • 1995  The largest automatic dry bag pressing system in the world today - incorporating 6 pressure vessels.

  • 1997  First automatic dry bag fitting press - automatically fills, presses, and unloads a ceramic "T" fitting.

  • 2001  LOOMIS PRODUCTS Kahlefeld GmbH (Germany) was acquired by Pia Kahlefeld

  • 2001  First Side Swing Extrusion Press

  • 2004 New continuous operating piston extrusion press

  • 2007  First Side Swing Tilting Press

  • 2017 LOOMIS PRODUCTS COMPANY Celebrates 100 Years in Business

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